Halogen Resurrection Mod Website


Welcome to the Halogen Modification Resurrection Homepage! If you did not know, Halogen was (and is) a Modification for a RTS game called "Command and Conquer: Generals Zero Hour". But the Mod was shut down by Microsoft (not Bungie) due to the fact that Microsoft owns the Halo Franchise and Microsoft wanting all it could get as well. But this Website here is for those of you who still want a RTS game that relates to Halo, but can't afford the Xbox 360 (because of its outrageous buying price) or don't want to by the "Halo Wars" game. And no, it's not that I hate Halo Wars, it's because it was limited on what you could do in the game itself. Our goal as the Halogen Resurrection Mod Team is to finish what was once started. We are here to complete that Halogen mod for C&C Generals Zero Hour and make it available for the general public too play and enjoy. We hope to create a mod that will never be forgotten and one that will last of many years to come.